Al-Azhar University stop short of branding ISIS as infidels

Fatwa, posted 12.31.2014, from Cairo, Egypt
On Thursday, December 11th, Muslim scholars participated in a two day conference hosted by the al-Azhar university in Cairo, Egypt. The topic of this conference was combating extremism and terrorism. During this conference a Nigerian Mufti, Sheikh Ibrahim Saleh al-Hussaini, asked fellow Muslim leaders to declare ISIS as “infidels” (kufar in Arabic). This statement caused wide dispute about many Muslims, forcing a reaction from al-Azhar who released a statement of their own saying that they no one had “explicitly or implicitly” declared ISIS as infidels and that “we cannot infidelize a Muslim regardless of his sins”. The al-Azhar statement said that while many of ISIS’s actions were unacceptable by Islam, a Muslim man cannot be labeled an infidel unless he rejects the Islam religion.