Awqaf Minister says ISIS call for “sexual jihad” shameful

Fatwa, posted 8.2.2014, from Egypt, in:
Awqaf Minister says ISIS call for “sexual jihad” shameful

Summary: Egypt’s Mohamed Mokhtar Gomaa, the Minister of Awqaf denounced the Islamic State’s (IS), formerly the Islamic State in Iraq and Al-Sham (ISIS), call on the people of Mosul to present women to IS militant under what they called sexual jihad. Gomaa stated that the concept of  jihad “is innocent” from the ideology and actions of the militant organization accused with countless heinous crimes against civilians.

Gomaa said “Islam is innocent” of the IS and that they “are a disgrace and heavy burden upon Islamic thought and Islamic civilization, which is tolerant, refined and great.”

The Egyptian minister drew parallels between IS and the Muslim Brotherhood accusing both groups of upholding an ideology based on the destruction of nations, vandalism and murder.