Open Letter to Al-Baghdadi

Fatwa, posted 9.26.2014, from Iraq, in:
Religious Authority: 
Shawqi Ibrahim Abdel-Karim Allam
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Open Letter

To Dr. Ibrahim Awwad Al-Badri, alias 'Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi',

To the fighters and followers of the self declared 'Islamic State'

Peace and the mercy of God be upon you

During your sermon dated 6th of Ramadan 1435 AH (4th July 2014 CE), you said, paraphrasing Abu Bakr Al-Siddiq : 'If you find what I say and do to be true, then assist me, and if you find what I say and do to be false, then advise me and set me straight.' In what follows is a scholarly opinion via the media


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