On the recently-ratified Shi'as' Personal Status Law of Afghanistan and its contradiction with women's rights and freedoms

Religious Authority: 
Mohaqiq Kabuli

[Note: This fatwa is a response to cricisms of the 2009 Afghan Personal Status Law.]

Firstly, there is no contradiction in this law with Shi'a jurisprudence. Likewise, there is no contradiction in it with women's rights and freedoms within the boundaries of Islamic jurisprudence.

Second, personally I am in favour of this law, and believe that it should be implemented [throughout the country].

Third, speaking in legal terms and in the view of the Constitution, no individual or entity may modify or manipulate issues that are within the realm of Islam.

Fourth, foreign states and international organizations may not intervene in our internal affairs, nor in our country's Constitution. It is very surprising that although they pretend to be promoting democracy, they in effect hinder and contradict democracy by such negative comments on our affairs, as well as by stopping aids to our country.

Finally, I advise dissident parties within the territory of Afghanistan to remain loyal to the rulings of the Prophet's Shari'a, which is indeed the way to redeem our society.

Instead of critiquing this law, direct your criticism to the injustice and ethnic discriminations in the region and elsewhere.