Sheikh Al Maktoum 'supports the choices of Egyptian people'

Fatwa, posted 1.13.2014, from Egypt, in:
Sheikh Al Maktoum 'supports the choices of Egyptian people' (Photo: Reuters)

In response to a statement from the Prime Minister of the UAE that Egypt's top military leader, General Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, should not run for president, a source from the same office has stressed that the Gulf state respects the will of the Egyptian people and supports their political choices, the UAE's official news agency WAM reported.

"[El-Sisi's] candidacy, as a civilian, in compliance with the demands of the people, is a personal matter for General Sisi," the source said.

On Sunday, UAE Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai Sheikh Mohamed bin Rashed Al-Maktoum told the BBC that El-Sisi was better off staying in the military rather than running for president.

"I hope he stays in the army. And someone else (stands) for the presidency," he said. 

The comments came a day after El-Sisi announced that he was ready to run for president if the people wanted him to do so.