Sistani calls to defend Iraq for all citizens

Fatwa, posted 7.2.2014, from Iraq, in:
Religious Authority: 
Ali Husaini al-Sistani
Sistani calls to defend Iraq for all citizens

Summary: The Shia’a Marja Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani’s aide al-Sayed Ahmed al-Safi called for the unity of Iraqi’s during Friday prayer. 

Al-Safi explained that the Marja’s call for those who are able to join the ranks of the security and military forces was directed to all Iraqis and not exclusive to a single sect. He added that the purpose of this call was to fend off the terrorist group currently threatening Iraq, ISIS. Al-Safi said that the group clearly admitted targeting Shia’a holy sites and cities in addition to non-Muslim churches and temples. 

Al-Safi noted that ISIS is targeting all Iraqis regardless of their creed and threatens Iraqi cities, heritage and holy sites and is out to destroy anyone who opposes the group or disagrees with its ideology.