400 Foreign Salafi students asked to leave Yemen

News article, posted 12.12.2014, from Sanaa, Yemen, in:
400 foreign Salafi students have left the Al-Fayoush Salafi Center located in the Tuban district of Yemen and are returning to their home countries. This came as a result of suspicions of the Houthi Shia authorities suspecting that the students were attending anti-Houthi sermons. Authorities did not explicitly state that the students were linked to terrorism but rather were asked to leave for “security purposes” due to inherent insecurity in the region. Salafis are a denomination of Shia Islam and are viewed as heretics by certain radical Sunni clerics of extremist groups. The ruling Houthi are Shia but also view the Salafis with suspicion. The Salafi students came from many different countries and some had local Yemeni wives and children, but were asked to leave regardless.