Abul-Fotouh's Strong Egypt Party to vote no at referendum

News article, posted 12.12.2012, from Egypt, in:
Abul-Fotouh's Strong Egypt Party to vote no at referendum (Photo: Al Ahram)

Former presidential candidate and founder of the Strong Egypt Party, Abdel-Moneim Abul-Fotouh, announced in a statement Monday that the party will call all Egyptians to vote "no" in the upcoming constitutional referendum, following opposition calls to reject the draft national charter.

The moderate Islamist party confirmed that it will launch a "no" campaign, as the current draft constitution does not achieve the demands of the January 25 Revolution. The party also condemned the manner in which the national charter was passed and the way political forces were forced to accept the status quo.

Muslim Brotherhood-offshoot the Egyptian Current Party also issued a statement Monday saying they will confirm their position on the upcoming constitutional polls once their members have conducted an internal vote on Tuesday.

The statement explained that party members will vote on a finalised committee report, which is party-written evaluation of the constitution and whether it the party's ten key demands.

The Monday statement clarified that these points include ensuring the rights of marginalised groups, not putting any restraints on public and private freedoms, achieving social justice for all sections of society, guaranteeing dignity for all Egyptians without discrimination, separation and balance of different state authorities and a proper definition of the specialisations of each state authority.


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