Activist: National Salvation Front backs female candidates

News article, posted 01.14.2013, from Egypt, in:
Salma Salah
Activist: National Salvation Front backs female candidates (Photo: Al-Masry Al-Youm)

An Egyptian opposition activist said that the National Salvation Front is trying to give female activists more chances to lead electoral lists in the upcoming parliamentary elections.

Mona Ezzat, the spokesperson of the Socialist Popular Alliance Party, told Egypt Independent that its party is working with other members of the NSF to support female activists and give them the same number of slots as male candidates on the lists.

Ezzat said they are holding a meeting next week to coordinate with Women Committees in other parties in NSF, including Egyptian Democratic, Constitution and Karama to discuss the names of female candidates and their representation in electoral lists.

“This is still the preparatory period,” said Ezzat, who went on to say that secular parties are making lists of the female members they wish to nominate and the area in which they can run for elections for next week’s discussion.

When asked about the criteria of choosing a female candidate, Ezat said that the nominee should have a history of partisan or public work. Young female candidates, however, would also be given the opportunity, as long as they are able to express themselves politically or have been involved in civil society work, said Ezat.


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