Al-Qaeda-Iraq Statement A Sign Of Rising Sectarian Violence

News article, posted 06.04.2013, from Iraq, in:
Ali Abel Sadah
Al-Qaeda-Iraq Statement A Sign Of Rising Sectarian Violence (Photo: Reuters)

Al-Qaeda in Iraq revealed in a unique statement that it met with tribal leaders in Anbar province in western Iraq and agreed with them to “unite their efforts against the Safavid [Iranian] gestapo in Iraq.”

The statement confirmed what was published by Al-Monitor on May 8, 2013. Al-Monitor’s correspondent spoke to a political source active in the protests in Anbar, who pointed out that dialogue sessions with tribal leaders to calm the situation — which were attended by the Sunni politician and Deputy Prime Minister Saleh al-Mutlaq — were held in the presence of representatives from armed groups.

Al-Qaeda’s statement spoke about an expanded meeting that was held between the Anbar tribes and representatives of the Islamic State of Iraq. However, it did not specify the time or place of the meeting, for understandable reasons that are related to the very reasons the meeting was held.

The group explained in the statement that “the main essence of the subjects that were addressed in the meeting was unanimously agreed upon, while these subjects have also remained secret.”

Yet, the statement added that “those in attendance agreed to deploy jihadists to confront (the fascist Shiite Safavid gestapo).”

The statement continued, “The conflict with fascism is moving to a stage that will certainly be able to completely change the balance of power.”

Al-Monitor contacted a number of Sunni tribal leaders in Anbar. While some declined to comment on what was mentioned in the al-Qaeda statement, others said it was an attempt to entrap the tribes in the city.


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