Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance Strategic Vision

News article, posted 11.22.2013, from Egypt, in:

 The Alliance is endeavoring to end the military coup for the following reasons:

  • Hoping for a better present and a brighter future for Egypt.
  • Preserving this homeland’s resources.
  • Avoiding strife and sedition among this country’s citizens.
  • Blocking any possible foreign intervention.
  • Realizing the objectives of the January 25 Revolution by building a modern democratic state.
  • Building a great future worthy of the great Egyptian people and this glorious homeland.

This coup has shaken the Revolution, the stability of the country and the unity of the Egyptian people. If it succeeds - God forbid, it would set a precedent for military generals to subvert the democratic will of the people whenever it does not meet their whims.

Since this military coup has plunged Egypt in a crisis that no single political party can resolve, it has become imperative that this statement reaches the people - the true stakeholders, so they may see the strategic vision suggested to resolve the crisis, and so they may rally around it to achieve its objectives.


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