Black Turks, the followers of Fethullah Gülen

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Haber Turk

Black Turks, the followers of Fethullah Gülen
Islamic researches expert Rainer Hermann in his column for Newsweek Türkiye wrote about Islam in Turkey and Islamist scholar Gülen’s followers in Turkey: Even democracy needs a metaphysical dimension.

In its new issue Newsweek Türkiye opens a debate on the West’s perception of Islam and the various versions and understandings of Islam such as the ones in Turkey. A column by Islamic studies expert Rainer Hermann wrote the West cannot get rid of the erroneous notion that Islam demands a political order based on Sharia.

In Islamic world, however, there always had been movements, which in their essence are spiritual and humanistic and do not see themselves in relation with politics, he says in his column. “The Gülen movement is an impressive example of such today.”

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