Egypt: Al-Qaradawi Releases Major Work on Principles of Jihad

News article, posted 03.24.2010, from United Kingdom, in:
The Guardian
Seven years in the making, the popular Sheikh Yusuf Qaradawi recently published a two-volume book entitled The Jurisprudence of Jihad. It is over 1400 pages long according to Ewan Stein of the Guardian, who calls it "a major intervention on the subject by one of Islam's most respected 'modernist' figures."

Summarizes Stein: "Qaradawi encourages a 'middle way' conception of jihad: 'solidarity' with the Palestinians and others on the front line, rather than violence, is an obligatory form of jihad. Financial jihad, which corresponds with the obligation of alms giving (zakat), counts as well. And Muslims should recognise that technological change means that media and information systems are as much a part of the jihadist repertoire as are guns. Indeed, as long as Muslims are free to use media and other resources to press their case, there is no justification for using force to 'open' countries for Islam.