Egypt government declares Muslim Brotherhood 'terrorist group'

News article, posted 12.30.2013, from Egypt, in:
Egypt government declares Muslim Brotherhood 'terrorist group' (Photo: Reuters)

Egypt's interim government officially declared the Muslim Brotherhood, from which ousted president Mohamed Morsi hails, a terrorist group.

In a press statement on Wednesday, Deputy Prime Minister Hossam Eissa said the cabinet declared the Brotherhood a terrorist group, making it subject to Article 86 of the Egyptian penal code, which defines terrorism and the penalties for engaging in it.

Eissa said the deadly bombing in the Delta city of Mansoura on Tuesday as well as recent attacks on churches and other violent incidents attributed to members of the group led to the decision.

Prosecutors are still investigating the Mansoura bombing that left 16 dead. The Islamist militant group Ansar Beit Al-Maqdis claimed responsibility for the attack on Wednesday.

Some of Egypt's political forces blamed the Muslim Brotherhood for the deadly attack on the Daqahliya security directorate in the city of Mansoura.

The liberal Free Egyptians Party condemned the Mansoura "terrorist crime," accusing the Brotherhood of standing behind the attack.

"No truce and no complacency with the Brotherhood terrorist group, in the country and beyond," the party said in a statement published on its official website.

A spokesman of Sabbahi's Popular Current group, Heba Yassin, also directly accused the Muslim Brotherhood of orchestrating the attack saying "your brutal terrorism targeting the nation and its institutions will not restore your power; and the Egyptian people, whose blood you’ve made legitimate to spill, will not submit to you."

The Liberal Constitution Party, founded by former vice-president Mohamed ElBaradei, also accused the Brotherhood of being responsible for the attack.

"While no finger of blame has yet been pointed to any specific terror group, the party calls on the Muslim Brotherhood to face its responsibilities and acknowledge its errors which have led to increased tension and confrontation with security forces," the party said in a statement.

Most  Egyptian private and public media outlets accused the Brotherhood of orchestating Mansoura attacks.

A government crackdown on the group following the dispersal of two pro-Morsi sit-ins in August landed hundreds of members of the Muslim Brotherhood in jail on charges of inciting violence.

Since August, the country has witnessed an increasing number of militant attacks on policemen and military personnel.

The Brotherhood repeatedly denied any links to militant attacks against the government. The group swiftly condemned the Mansoura bombing saying they have been and always will be peaceful in their quest to reverse the "coup d'état."


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