Egypt's prosecutor-general investigates violence at Brotherhood HQ

News article, posted 03.25.2013, from Egypt, in:
Egypt's prosecutor-general investigates violence at Brotherhood HQ (Photo: Al Ahram)

Egypt's Prosecutor-General Talaat Abdullah ordered Saturday the opening of investigations into a complaint filed by lawyers representing the Muslim Brotherhood against 14 political figures and parties accused of inciting violence against the Islamist group.

Nationwide clashes between protesters and Muslim Brotherhood members in front of the group’s main headquarter in Cairo’s Mokattam and several other cities on Friday left at least 200 injured.

In a press statement, Abdullah's office condemned the calls for protests by the opposition on Friday, saying it caused "several skirmishes that led to the injury of citizens and property damage."

The prosecutor-general summoned Brotherhood lawyers to hear their arguments.

Several opposition activists had called for protests to be held on Friday in response to an attack by Muslim Brotherhood members on anti-Brotherhood protesters and graffiti artists outside the Islamist group's building on 16 March.