EU, Brotherhood talks reach no resolution to Egypt crisis

News article, posted 07.19.2013, from Egypt, in:
EU, Brotherhood talks reach no resolution to Egypt crisis (Photo: AP)

European Union (EU) High Representative Catherine Ashton told state news agency MENA Wednesday that during talks with Egyptian political figures she expressed wishes to see Egypt hold elections within a few months.

"My message was clear that the European Union largely supports the Egyptian people and would like Egypt to see a smooth transition to democracy," she added.

Ashton met with representatives of anti-Morsi petition drive 'Rebel' as well as representatives of the Muslim Brotherhood - the group from which deposed president Mohamed Morsi hails.

Earlier on Wednesday, Ashton held meetings with government officials including Egypt's temporary President Adly Mansour, Vice President Mohamed ElBaradei, Defence Minister Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi and Foreign Minister Nabil Fahmy.

Following the 45-minute meeting with Brotherhood representatives, senior Brotherhood figure Amr Darrag told Reuters that Ashton did not offer a solution that could resolve the current crisis.

Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood remains adamant on rejecting the current military-backed roadmap as "illegitimate" and said it will not take part in any negotiations until Morsi – who was removed in a popularly-backed military overthrow - is reinstated.

Ex-prime minister Hisham Qandil and key Brotherhood figure and former minister under Morsi Mohamed Ali Bishr attended the meeting with Ashton, along with Darrag.


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