Iraqi intellectuals start campaigns to end bloodshed

News article, posted 09.03.2014, from Iraq, in:

Security instability and the increasing number of terror victims in Iraq have pushed Iraqi intellectuals to take on new and unfamiliar roles. They have entered the political scene by organizing campaigns, cultural and social events to promote several objectives, gaining the support of citizens all over Iraq. Within a few months, the Iraqi public had started participating in these protests and marches, and sharing their activities over social media. The campaign organizers believe that their work gives hope to Iraqis by making the world aware of what they have been going through.

Hashd is one national movement to classify the crimes committed in Iraq as genocide by virtue of the 1948 UN Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide.

The Iraqi street seems to have welcomed these activities, since it has given up on politicians’ empty promises to improve the security situation. Iraqis from different social backgrounds have begun participating in the campaign events and talking about them on social media websites. This new mobilization indicates that the intellectuals might be able to play an effective role in changing Iraq.


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