Liberal Wafd Party quits Egypt's constitution-drafting body

News article, posted 11.18.2012, from Egypt, in:
Liberal Wafd Party quits Egypt's constitution-drafting body (Photo: Reuters)

The liberal Wafd Party declared its withdrawal from Egypt's Constituent Assembly on Saturday, after a meeting held by the party's high committee at their headquarters.

The Wafd explained in a press statement that the decision to leave the assembly was based on a belief that the drafting of the national charter is not consensual and does not reflect the aspirations of the January 25 Revolution to build a civil, democratic and modern state.   

The party will hold a meeting on Sunday to coordinate a unified stand on the constitution with the country's different political forces, during which its party head Sayed El-Badawy will announce the decision to withdraw.

Earlier on Saturday, Egypt's churches also declared they had withdrawn from the Constituent Assembly complaining that the latest draft constitution "does not provide national coalition or reflect Egypt's diversity."

Further walkouts are expected in the coming days.  

Last Thursday, 30 Constituent Assembly members threatened to withdraw from the constitution-drafting body should particular demands not be met by Sunday. They called for the proposed timeline of the new constitution, which would see the document completed in two weeks, to be extended to three months. They also demanded that certain articles in the "State and Society" section be changed. 


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