New Tunisian Foreign Minister makes debut at AU summit

News article, posted 02.05.2014, from Tunisia, in:
Farah Samti
New Tunisian Foreign Minister makes debut at AU summit

The newly appointed minister of foreign affairs Monji Hamdi made his first official international appearance at the closing session of the twenty-second summit of the African Union, held at the AU headquarters in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia on Friday.

Tunisia, an AU member state, had been absent at the opening ceremony of the summit, which centered on the theme “Agriculture and Food Security.”

The summit came just after the announcement and approval of both the new constitution and Mehdi Jomaa’s new caretaker government this week. Jomaa chose Hamdi as one of the non-partisan ministers in his caretaker government, which will lead the country to the new elections expected later this year.

Born in Sidi Bouzid, the birthplace of the Arab Spring, Minister of Foreign Affairs Monji Hamdi pursued his studies at the University of California and then at Harvard, in the United States, after graduating as an engineer in Tunis. He has held senior diplomatic positions including at the United Nations.

Hamdi gave Tunisia Live his first interview since he was assigned in his new position and during his first official international representation.

Tunisia Live: Minister Hamdi, how did the AU and African leaders react to the new constitution and government?

Monji Hamdi: “The reaction of the African Union is very positive. All of them hailed the adoption of the Tunisian constitution, which they considered as very modern, and which meets more than the expectations of all people. It guarantees the rights of women, it guarantees the rights of minorities, it guarantees the rights of people to practice their faith as they wish without any interference. It guarantees a number of other issues related to human rights.”


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