Official for al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula provides real-time Q & A with Salafi-jihadis

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The International Centre for the Study of Radicalization has obtained and translated a recent talk given online by Abu Zubair Adel al-Abab, a Shariah Official for al- Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP). Speaking last month through an online chat forum popular with Salafi-jihadis, he answered questions in real-time from a global audience of over one hundred participants. The lecture was delivered in Arabic, but was widely advertised on a number of al-Qaeda linked forums, including those in English.  See attached for a full PDF of the transcribed translation by ICSR Atkin Fellow Amany Soliman.

April 18, 2011

In the name of Allah the Merciful. Praise be to Allah, prayer and peace be upon Muhammad, the honest the seal of the Prophets and Messengers. May Allah reward the best on your quest. Please excuse us for any interruptions in this speech (due to possible technical difficulties), but we are here to answer your questions and tell you what you need to know. I am afraid that there will not be enough time to answer all of you. I am happy to have this opportunity and it is a source of joy that our brothers are eager to hear about us and to know our news. We rejoice at such meetings, and feel the presence of brothers and supporters for the implementation of Shariah. Please write your questions and I will answer them and perhaps your questions might be about our situation so that we can respond to the lies the news and the media say about the mujahideen. First Question: What is the general situation of the mujahideen in Yemen and the status of the supporters of Shariah Youth Movement (Shabab Ansar al-Shariah)? For the general situation of the mujahideen in Yemen, praise be to Allah, the situation is very good and the mujahideen in Yemen are known as part of al-Qaeda. The name Ansar al-Shariah is what we use to introduce ourselves in areas where we work to tell people about our work and goals, and that we are on the path of Allah.  Today, our situation in Sa’ada1  is very good as we exist in large numbers, but we also face the (Houthi) Shia here and this threatens the existence of the Sunnis and the mujahideen.   However, the large numbers of Shia has encouraged many Sunnis to join us to resist the Houthis who follow Iran’s Twelver Shiism. But, as I told you, the                                                 1 Northern Yemeni province 2 presence of these Shia is what makes the Sunni people join the mujahideen, and the situation of the mujahideen in al-Jouf2 is also good praise be to Allah, but there are also many Shia there.  The situation is good in the Obeida3 and we are many and are growing in Ma’arib, and inShabwa4  we are openly in control, with some military and government points now in our hands. In the parts of Abyan5 where the mujahideen are in control, they run people’s lives in accordance with Shariah law, while also inviting others to the implementation of Shariah. Here, we have moved our work from the elitist work to the populist, and took control of many areas.  Today, we control Ja’ar6 and call on the concept of monotheism while trying to meet the demands of the people. The largest problem that we face here are the lack of public services such as sewage and water, and we are trying to find solutions. We hope that when the people see us meet their demands, they will accept the methodology of the mujahideen and accept the implementation of Shariah. As for Aden7, the mujahideen are increasing in number, and it is the forefront of the Army of Aden-Abyan.8 While the regime is retreating, the mujahideen are moving forward.  Within Sana'a we have cells that are arranging to work according to the power of the regime in the area, and thus their work is not only to fight the battles, but also to progress our interests through proselytising and lecturing in mosques, festivals and markets. Here, we hope to show people the principles of monotheism and simplify our message for the masses, offering Shariahas the solution to their problems. Thus, we organise presentations for them in the marketplace using projectors and other broadcasting tools.   [Excerpt- See PDF for full text.]

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