Thousands worldwide protest sexual assault on female Egypt demonstrators

News article, posted 02.12.2013, from Egypt, in:
Bel Trew and Zeinab El-Gundy
Thousands worldwide protest sexual assault on female Egypt demonstrators (Photo: Al Ahram)

Demonstrations took place outside Egyptian embassies and consulates in several countries on Tuesday to denounce the occurrence of violence against women and particularly against female protesters in Egypt.

While incidents of sexual harassment in Egypt are commonly reported, the issue has recently drawn more attention after it was reported that at least 20 incidents of mob sex attacks occurred during the protests on the second anniversary of the January 25 revolution.

Protests took place in several countries like Lebanon, Tunisia, France, Jordan and Palestine, called for by the Uprising of Women in the Arab World, a pro-women's rights Facebook page.

In Cairo, hundreds of protesters gathered at Talaat Harb Square near Tahrir holding pictures of female protesters who have been assaulted, holding slogans such as "you will not cross on the bodies of women."

'I'm practising my right to protest as a human being first, before a woman'," Mariam Kirollos from Human Rights Watch and member of the Operation Anti-Sexual Harassment movement told Ahram Online.

Kirollos added that the protest also condemns recent statements by the Shura Council, some members of which made statements to the effect that assaulted protesters were responsible for the act.


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