Uncertainty, Confusion Reign Ahead of Tunisian Elections, Surveys Show

News article, posted 09.28.2011, from Tunis, Tunisia, in:
Monia Ghanmi
Uncertainty, confusion reign ahead of Tunisia elections (Photo: Reuters)

With thousands of candidates and over a hundred political parties from which to choose, many Tunisians still do not know how they will vote in the October 23rd Constituent Assembly elections.

More than half of Tunisians do not support any political party, according to an opinion poll conducted by TAP in co-operation with the Institute for Opinion Polls and Processing Statistical Information (ISTIS) published September 3rd. One-fifth of respondents said politics was their last interest while roughly the same amount said that they did not know any political party.

In addition, 45% of those surveyed by TAP-ISTIS revealed that they did not know anything about the role of the Constituent Assembly and that they do not trust political parties because of their proliferation and the ambiguity in their programmes.

Other recent opinion polls also found apathy among potential Tunisian voters. A poll by the International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES) showed that 43% of Tunisians were unaware that the upcoming vote was for the Constituent Assembly. Another survey conducted by Sigma September 6th-9th revealed that 32.1% of Tunisians don't know who they will vote for.


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