Yemen war fuels Iraqi sectarianism

News article, posted 04.24.2015, from Baghdad, Iraq, in:
Operation Decisive Storm in Yemen has stirred the Iraqi sectarian divide. While the Shiite majority opposes the campaign, the Sunnis are voicing support for it.Iraqi Shiites have begun to publicly express their opposition to Operation Decisive Storm in demonstrations like the ones held April 1 in Baghdad under the auspices of the Shiite Al-Ahrar Bloc and April 4 in Babil​. Shiite protesters in Maysan on March 31 had also denounced the “Saudi war on Yemen.” Iraqi Sunnis appear for now to be abstaining from displaying support for the war, although some Sunni political organizations — such as the Union of Nationalist Forces, the Association of Muslim Scholars, which have called for a war in Syria and Iraq — and the Anbar tribes have come out in favor of it.