Mohsen Kadivar is an Iranian philosopher, cleric, activist and democratic reformer.

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Rashid al-Ghannoushi is a prominent Tunisian Islamist.  A critic of the regime of President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali, he had been living as a political exile in Europe before returning to Tunisia in January of 2011.

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Radwan Ziadeh is a political scientist and founder and director of the Damascus Center for Human Rights Studies. He was one of the activists in the "Damascus Spring" in 2001, when people demanded more civil rights and liberties and an end to one-party rule.

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Wajahat Masood is a writer, journalist, teacher, political analyst, human rights activist and a poet. He studied English literature at Punjab University and earned his LLM in International Law from Leeds (UK).

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Abdulmalik A. Basamasuiy has practiced as a Solicitor/Advocate actively for over 17 years with particular interest in Sharia Law, Human Rights and general litigation. He has written and lectured extensively in all aspects of Islamic Law to Muslim Students and Interfaith Forums and has presented many academic papers on the Role of Sharia Law in the contemporary World Order.

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A research analyst, Rana received his masters in geography in 1996 from University of Punjab, Lahore. Upon working in different Urdu and English daily newspapers from 1996-2004 as a journalist, he joined Institute of Defence and Strategic Studies, Singapore, in 2004 as a visiting research fellow.

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"I am interested in the phenomenon of religion (and secularism) as an integral part of modernity, and especially in the religious revival in the Middle East. Connected with this is my interest in the links between religious and secular notions of pain and cruelty, and therefore with the modern discourse of Human Rights.

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