al-Uzma al-Haj ash-Shaykh Fadil Lankarani

Ayatullah al-Uzma Al-Haj ash-Shaykh Fadil Lankarani, (b. 1931 in Qum) is son of the late Ayatullah Fadil Lankarani, a great teacher and scholar in the Islamic Seminary of Qum. His mother was descent from the family of the Prophet Muhammad.   Ayatullah Fadil Lankarani was one of the helpers and supporters of Ayatullah Khomeini against the Shah and the Pahlavi dynasty in Iran. After the Islamic Revolution in Iran, Ayatullah Lankarani was appointed as a member of The Council of Experts, and for more than 10 years, served as the administrator of the Islamic Seminary of Qum. He was then officially introduced, by the Hawza 'Ilmiyyah of Qum, to the station of Marja.