Basheer Hussein al-Najafi

Grand Ayatollah Basheer Hussein Al-Najafi (b. 1942, Jalandhar City, India) is a leading religious scholar in Iraq who over the past twenty-five years, has lectured in numerous institutions including Dar al-Hikma, the foundation of Sayyid Muhssim al-Tabatabai; Dar al-Ilm, the school of Ayatollah Sayyd al-Khoei and the Shabiyria school. He studied at the hands of Sheikh Akhtar Abbas al-Pakistani, the founder of Muntazar Mosque Madrassa, one of the larger religious schools in Pakistan and moved to Najaf in Iraq in 1965 where he studied jurisprudence and other religious sciences. In 1968 he began teaching at several religious schools in Najaf including Mahdi, Shabiyria schools and Hindi Mosque. He has published over thirty books, reviews and articles.