Hassen Chalghoumi

Hassen Chalghoumi (1972-  ) is the imam of the mosque of Drancy near Paris, having moved to France from his native Tunisia at the age of 24.  He studied at the Zaytouna University in Tunis, as well as in India, Pakistan, and Syria.  Chalghoumi has gained accolades from the French government and the Jewish French community for his liberal views on Islam, including his support for a ban on the full veil and his emphasis on “the children of Israel and Ishmael” being cousins.  For the same reasons, he has alienated many members of the French Muslim community, including some who support his positions but find his style too provocative and brash.  Chalghoumi has received death threats, had his house vandalized, and been dubbed “imam of the Jews” by angry protestors.