Mohamed Ismael Al-Mokaddem

Mohamed Ismael Al-Mokaddem (b. July 26th, 1952, Alexandria) graduated from the Faculty of Medicine, Alexandria University. Later, he studied in the Faculty of Sharia, at Al-Azhar University. Since 1965, he was involved in Ansar Al-Sunna and then the Salafi Calling from 1972. 

Al-Mokaddem established the Salafi School in Alexandria in 1977 that also involved other preachers including Ahmed Farid and Yasser Borhamy.

During his years in college, Al-Mokaddem established a group that endorsed a way of Ahl El-Sunna wal Jama’a, another name for Salafism. During late 1970s, El-Mokaddem gave sermons in Alexandria that formed the Salafi school. These sermons, in addition to another meeting every week, were the main events of the group. 

The efforts of Al-Mokaddem created the first Salafi Institute for producing Salafi preachers in Alexandria. This Institute expanded the Salafi Calling in Alexandria. It further expanded to other governorates and university campuses throughout Egypt.