Muhammad Ghazali II

Shaykh Muhammad Ghazali II (d. 1996) was a renowned Egyptian Islamic scholar and cleric who completed his academic training at Al-Azhar University in 1941. Ghazali strongly believed that colonialism and British-style capitalism was the primary reason why Egyptian suffered such poverty. His first book Al-Islam wal-Awdaa al-Iqtisadiyah , or Islam and Economics expressed his discontent with Western-style capitalism. He then wrote several books on Islam and Islamic society, arguing that Muslims could successfully address the challenges of modernity through applying Islamic principles. Ghazali argued that those who openly resisted Islamic law should be executed and in 1993 he testified in favor of assailants who killed a journalist for what they deemed were his anti-Islamic viewpoints. He died on March 9th 1996 in Riyadh and was buried in Medina, Saudi Arabia. He wrote a total of 94 books.