Rabee’ Ibn Hady Al-Madkhaly

Rabee’ Ibn Hady Al-Madkhaly (b. 1932, Al-Garadeyya village, southern Saudi Arabia) belongs to Al- Madakhela tribe in southern Saudi Arabia. He graduated from the Islamic University in Media, Faculty of Shari’a..He received his Masters degree and PhD in hadith from King Abdul Aziz University in 1979 and later taught at the university.

Al-Madkhaly criticized Sayyid Qutb in his book The Accusation of Sayyid Qutb toward the Companions of the Prophet. Further, in his other book, Against the Agression of Infidels and the Permissibility of Using Non-Muslims in Fighting them, he argues that it is permissible to use the help of infidels when there is a need or necessity.