Sheikh Mohamed Hamed El-Fiqi

Sheikh Mohamed Hamed El-Fiqi graduated from Al-Azhar in 1916. He was a student of Muhammed Abdou. Under al-Fiqqi’s leadership, Ansar Al-Sunna proclaimed its dedication to tawhid as preached by Ibn Taymeyya. Al-Fiqi was a scholar in Al-Azhar, and also an attendant of Al-Gam’eyya Al-Shar’eyya. Despite being a member of both, he disagreed with its scholars.

El-Fiqi was irritated by what he perceived signs of infidelity and superstitions widespread in Egypt during his time. After receiving his doctorate from Al-Azhar, El-Fiqi started a call for pure monotheism and the defense of Sunna in public spaces (mosques, coffee shops etc).

His fame and growing followers brought him into conflict with Sufi trends, which led him towards organized activism and the establishment of a society.

El Fiqi died in 1969. In the same year, Al-Sunna Al-Muhammadeyya Society was integrated within Al-Gam’eyya Al-Shar’eyya.