Sheikh Rashad El-Shafei

Sheikh Rashad El-Shafei (b. October 15, 1919, El-Menoufeyya governorate) is the second founder of Ansar Al-Sunnah. He made use of the tolerance of President Sadat towards Islamic groups, and convinced him to reestablish Ansar Al-Sunna. This was done after Ansar Al-Sunnah was integrated within Al-Gam’eyya Al-Shar’eyya under Nasser in 1969. He also established Al- Tawheed magazine to be the voice of the group.

El-Shafei quit the group’s leadership in 1975. In regards to Sufism, he said “Their spiritual control over their followers is stronger than the iron hand of colonialism because it is colonialism of souls and enslavement of the hearts.” El-Shafei died in 1990.