Interview with Iraq's Sunni Mufti

Video, posted 6.17.2014, from Iraq, in:
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Summary: Iraq’s Sunni Mufti Rafe’ Al-Refaey was interviewed by Al-Arabiya about Iraq’s current crisis as well as the Shia’a Marja’s (Ayatolla Ali Al-Sistani) recent call to arms. The Mufti also commented on the reaction of Saudi Arabia to the terrorist take overs. Al-Refaey noted that these countries stood still and remained silent as homes were being torn down and people were being violated. He added that Saudi Arabia was known to have funded terrorist groups in Iraq before and that the global community that either contributed to Iraq’s troubles or watched silently needs to take proper action before it can gain any legitimacy.

The Mufti’s reaction to Al-Sistani’s call to arms was similar. He asked “where was his Fatwa when the Americans occupied Iraq?” criticizing what he dubbed the disrobing of religious clothing to be fitted into military uniforms. The Mufti strongly criticized the Shia’a Marja and Shia’a clerics in general for ignoring the  Iraqi regime’s violent transgressions against Iraqis and Iraqi Sunnis more specifically. He accused them of turning a blind eye to kidnappings, arbitrary arrests, executions, rape, torture and forced confessions. Al-Sistani’s call to arms is sectarian, argued the Mufti.

He further noted that when oppressed Sunnis demand their rights or protest against injustice they are accused of being terrorist or being aligned with the Islamic State of Iraq and Al-Sham (ISIS). The Mufti explained that the ‘free rebels’ should not be confused with terrorist militias like the ISIS. The free rebels, who had protested against Al-Maliki’s regime, freed the cities from terrorist militias, according to the Mufti. Al-Refaey stated that in a wide popular uprising such as the one in Iraq, mistakes are inevitable but the Mufti will continue to oppose any action that impinges upon human dignity and freedom.